I’m Michael Evans, Founder, and CEO of Cogent Strategic Wealth. In my past career, I was a successful trader. In that career, I was fortunate enough to be in an industry where I was able to generate wealth. In fact, most of the people I worked with had opportunities to accumulate wealth. Unfortunately, many of the members of that community were not very good at preserving that wealth. This was a huge problem. 

People work hard to accumulate their wealth, and I wanted to help these high-achieving professionals figure out how to preserve their wealth with better investing-processes. I was able to do this for my family, and I wanted to share this knowledge and help other people. 

Cogent Strategic Wealth was formed so that you could have a “go-to” resource to help you with your financial planning and investment strategies. Cogent serves as a fiduciary advisor in your life, by which you can tell them your most important goals and aspirations, even your fears. We developed the Cogent Course of Action, a process we walk through with our clients that ascertains what is essential and what the best way to structure their financial life is to accomplish their goals.

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According to a Gallup article by Jim Norman, more than half of American investors (55%), use a personal financial advisor. Investors that use a personal financial advisor are more likely to have confidence in their investment plans and in their own knowledge of stock investing than those who handle their own finances. 

The Cogent Course of Action: the path to reach your financial goals.

  1. Discovery Meeting: More than just financial goals, the discovery meeting addresses your critical values, your relationships, and unique goals. This allows us to discover what success looks like for you.
  2. Current Financial Status: Using details from the discovery meeting, our Cogent Strategic Wealth team will put together a detailed diagnosis of your current situation. Gaining a clear view of where you are is important for the next step.
  3. Identify the Gaps: You now know where you currently are and where you want to be financially. Identifying the gap in-between allows us to tailor a financial plan that works for you.
  4. Work the Plan: Confidently move towards your financial goals with a financial plan put together by you and our advisors. Take the guesswork out of what you need to do to create the financial future of your dreams.
  5. Monitor and Adjust: The only thing that is guaranteed is change, but you are not in this alone. We will meet regularly to make sure the plan is still pointing you towards your goals. Don’t let the uncertainty of life catch you off guard. Proactively plan to adjust.

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth. Give us a call today, and let’s make sure you have aligned all of your resources with your goals and your obligations.It’s time to preserve your wealth with a better investing process.