Our Focus

Easy. Effective. Cogent.

Our team of experienced financial professionals takes pride in their exceptional listening skills and entrepreneurial mindset, working diligently to create customized strategies that align with your values and aspirations. At Cogent Strategic Wealth, we are dedicated to empowering you on your journey toward financial success.

Our fiduciary duty to you means

  • Transparency. We aren’t just legally accountable. It’s important to us that you can always see the value that you receive.
  • No commissions. Our recommendations come solely because we believe they’re best for your unique situation.
  • Zero hidden fees. We’re upfront with you because we’d want you to be clear with us were our roles reversed.

You benefit from

  • Science-based insights. We don’t trust guesswork anymore than you would.
  • A team-based approach. Our culture emphasizes access, collaboration, and education.
  • Entrepreneurial empathy. We are a small business, ourselves.

We are committed to

  • Listening. Our process starts with learning your most important values and financial goals, so we can harmonize your life and financial plan.
  • Education & empowerment. Solid financial literacy is essential for making better-informed decisions as an investor.
  • Long-term growth. Our strategic wealth management involves asset protection, tax planning, optimized saving, and smart decisions about investing.

How working with Cogent can help with your life planning.

What We Do

  • Reliable fiduciary wealth management
  • Listening, education, & encouragement
  • Family-office-style, concierge experience

What We Won't Do

  • Ineffectual, one-size-fits-all suggestions
  • Phone mazes or “ghosting”
  • Commission-led recommendations

Take the worry out of managing your money.