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A fee-only, fiduciary advisor dedicated to helping you attain your financial goals

You need someone on your side acting as a “Personal CFO”. We are enthusiastic, unapologetic advocates of evidence-based investing.

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The Cogent Difference

Certified Financial Planners™

Partnered with Buckingham

No Promoted Products

Independently Operated

Evidence-Based Investment Strategy

Proactive Approach

Fee-Only Services, No Commissions!

Entrepreneurial Mentality

Transparency on Fees, Processes, and Values

6-Month Money Back Guarantee

We take your financial future seriously. After 6 months, if you are not satisfied with the progress we have made together, we’ll refund our management fees.

The Cogent Course of Action

Over the years, we have developed a 5-Step plan we take all of our clients through. This is the roadmap we utilize with all of our clients to get them on the path to reach their financial goals.

Step 1


We embark on a personal discovery process to uncover what’s important: your critical values, your relationships, and unique life goals, learning your deepest wants and needs.

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Step 2


Have understanding and clarity of your life and financial goals, our team will build a plan that’s the perfect fit, with distinct objectives and attainable action items.

Step 3


With academic research and financial science as the foundation, we build a portfolio with distinct objectives and attainable action items.

Step 4


Coordinating tax efficiency, risk management and estate (legacy) planning to confidently take the guesswork out of what you need to create the financial future of your dreams.

Step 5


The only thing that is guaranteed is change. We will meet regularly to make sure the plan is still pointing you towards your goals. Don’t let the uncertainty of life catch you off guard. Proactively plan to adjust.


How are you paid as fee-only, independent financial advisors?

We charge an advisory fee based on a percentage of your assets being managed; our fees start at 1%, and decrease as you reach various asset levels.

Fee-only investment management best aligns our interests with your own, especially since we commit to a fiduciary duty to you.

In contrast, those compensated by commissions have two “clients” to serve: you, and the firms whose products earn them compensation.

Do you have a minimum asset level?

Yes. We find that we best serve individuals with at least $1 million in investable assets (including 401(k) plan assets), or those whose financial situations tend to be more complex.

What can I expect from your client experience and how long does it take to get started?

During our first meeting, before any financial planning takes place, we will get to know you, your situation, your values, your relationships, and your greatest aspirations – in your life, for your career and with your money. Next, we will walk you and your family through our Cogent Course of Action,™ which is our structured process for connecting your available assets with your highest aspirations.

During your first year as a Cogent client, you can expect to meet with us about 5–6 times. The information we’ll gather allows us to create an individualized financial plan just for you, based on our deep understanding of your goals and priorities. Read more.

How would you describe your investment strategy?

At Cogent, we implement an evidence-based investment strategy. Decades of objective, peer-reviewed financial research guides our recommendations. As your advisor, we will help you ignore the market’s uncontrollable elements and maximize those that can be managed – such as reducing costs, managing investment risks through global diversification, and avoiding hyperactive trading generated by your own reactionary emotions.

Do you invest your own money the same way you do for clients?

Yes, we do! “We eat our own cooking,” as the saying goes, by adhering to the same investment philosophy we recommend to our clients. Given our own personal goals and risk tolerances, each of us holds variations in individual asset allocations. But we turn to the same investment solutions from the same product providers we recommend to our clients. Watch our video: Cogent – Aligned With Our Clients.

Are we the best financial advisor for you?

We hope so, although we’re not for everyone. Are you seeking a Personal CFO to oversee all of your financial interests and manage your hard-earned wealth? Does our investment strategy and Cogent Course of Action™ align with your own values? Do you agree that “aspirational” investments – such as hedge funds, private equity, and multiple managers scrabbling over slices of your money – are more likely to distract you than help you achieve your greatest financial goals? Will you relish delegating the tasks and sharing your complete financial situation with us? If so, we can’t wait to speak with you. If you are instead looking for ad hoc investment tips, we’re probably not for you.

Who is Buckingham Strategic Partners and why should I care?

Buckingham Strategic Partners is a nationwide community of more than 135 wealth management firms. Each of us is fiercely independent, but we’re also uncommonly united in embracing the highest fiduciary standards and a better way to help investors and their families realize their financial futures. Read more.