Charitable Giving

Smart Charitable Giving

"Charity is not about pity, it is about love." - Mother Teresa

As a generous donor, you understand the immense satisfaction of charitable giving. Did you know this admirable act can benefit you more than just the warm fuzzy feeling?

By contributing to an IRS-approved charity or setting up a donor-advised fund, you could alleviate your tax burden by bypassing capital gain taxes and obtaining a charitable deduction that applies toward your income tax.

In other words, your goodwill doesn’t just help those in need, it can also benefit your financial health.

Our charitable donation strategies allow you to:

  • Give more – Maximize the value of your gifting for your intended recipients
  • Pay less – Minimize or eliminate your capital gains taxes on highly appreciated holdings
  • Live Better – Make philanthropy a meaningful and lasting family activity

By donating an asset to a trust or fund that continues drawing interest, you could perpetuate a gift for years or even decades. Theoretically, you could pave the way for your great-grandchildren to continue a family tradition of philanthropy.

Consider exploring maximizing your charitable giving and making the most impact possible.

Ready to magnify your gifts?