We are continuing our series for attorneys and how they can overcome their unique financial challenges. Read about Challenge 1: Time is NOT on an attorney’s side. Read about Challenge 2Attorneys enjoy an (over)abundance of opportunities. Challenge 3: Not every risk is worth avoiding.

CHALLENGE 4: It’s hard to get off the treadmill and live a little.

Attorneys are often primary breadwinners in their families, and they feel the pressure to maintain their high income. They’ve worked hard throughout their career to succeed, and they want to make sure their assets will work hard for them in return.

We’ve spoken with many attorneys who tell us, eventually, they begin to wonder why they’re working so hard. The answer is: They want to provide for their families; enjoy their career, lifestyle and retirement; leave a legacy for loved ones and potentially philanthropic interests.

But burnout is often an attorney’s biggest burden. Then what?

The Game Plan: Beyond just tallying up investment dollars, or planning for individual financial goals, a
Do something that actually changes thingsseasoned wealth manager can help attorneys create a sustainable work-life-money balance by fitting the various people and pieces involved into a unified whole. Many attorneys are highly motivated to take the appropriate steps. But first, they have to learn what those steps are; next, they could usually use a “personal CFO” to help execute and oversee them.