None of us want to think about the hurdles we could potentially face in the future. If you have spent your entire life building your wealth and planning for your financial future, the last thing you want is for unforeseen circumstances to derail your future. Join us for A Cogent Conversation and learn decisions you make today can secure your financial future tomorrow.

Prepare to Care for Yourself or Your Aging Parent BEFORE a Crisis

For the 50/60/70 Year Olds: There is so much you can set up in advance and minimize emotional decisions. If you have parents that are getting up there in their years, preparing and making decisions on their care before it becomes crisis mode can avoid creating difficult, time-consuming and expensive problems for their spouses and adult children. 

Hear from Elder Law Experts Katie Casey and Erin Vogt from Dutton Casey & Mesoloras, Attorneys at Law: Preparing to care in advance of a crisis gives our parents the ability to have a say in their future, to maximize their independence and quality of life, to improve their chances of aging well and aging in place, to maintain family harmony, and to avoid creating difficult, time-consuming and expensive problems for their spouses and adult children.

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