Our next Cogent Conversation for high-achieving professionals will be held on Friday, August 9th at Cogent Offices. This lively and interactive event features a panel of Michael Evans and Kelly Stanley of Cogent Strategic Wealth and Larry Swedroe, the Chief Research Officer for THE BAM ALLIANCE. 

It’s a Conversation

They will address questions like this:
  • How to deal with all the media and experts calling for the market correction or bear markets
  • What you CAN you do to prepare your portfolio for the next recession
  • Does International Diversification still work?
  • How to deal with rising interest rates, tariffs and saber rattling
  • Is the value premium dead?
  • How to deal with the possible low returns to come

Whether you already have a financial advisor, or you’re thinking about getting one, you’ll get insights, tips, and strategies that are simple and easy to understand.

By invitation only. Contact conversations@thecogentadvisor.com for information.