Why Successful Entrepreneurs Use the Services of a Fiduciary Wealth Manager

Over the years, we’ve met many successful entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and retirees who have told us that while they have accumulated substantial wealth, they were not confident in their financial decision-making.  So we  ask them two important questions:

  • What stands in your way of pursuing financial independence?  
  • Are you objective when you look at your financial situation and map out your goals? 

Oftentimes, highly successful individuals don’t feel knowledgeable about their investment options and financial planning concepts. The accumulation of substantial wealth often places you at a crossroads: Should you attempt to manage your wealth by yourself or hire a wealth advisor to oversee your assets? 

One of the most important decisions you will ever make regarding your financial future is who you will select to serve as your strategic wealth advisor.  That’s where the importance of choosing a fiduciary wealth manager comes into play. 

Simply put, fee-only fiduciary financial advisors are compensated for doing what’s right for you. 

We are called “fee-only” because we are compensated solely by a client’s fee rather than by commissions or other incentives that financial product companies pay. This compensation model minimizes potential conflicts of interest and aligns our incentives with your goals.

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Here’s a more detailed look at some of the services that we provide as a fiduciary fee-only wealth advisory firm:

Evidence-Based Investment Strategies

Navigating the complex world of managing your assets can be overwhelming without the assistance of an experienced wealth advisor, especially if you feel underwhelmed by your current advisor. Market uncertainties and rampant inflation could lead to feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness.

However, this need not be the case. Your investment strategy should be an evolving,  process that keeps you current with market conditions.  Ideally, it allows you to shape your life and make decisions that benefit you and your family. 

At Cogent Strategic Wealth, our specialty lies in evidence-based investing, a disciplined investment methodology backed by empirical research and insights derived from data analysis that helps us make the right investment decisions.

Our strategy aims to secure market returns through substantial diversification and tax-efficient investment methods while at the same time keeping our costs low and risk exposure within the tolerances of our clients. This data-based investing methodology capitalizes on the strength of scientific research that enhances investment performance while maintaining risk exposures that are within the tolerances of our clients. 

Comprehensive Tax Planning Strategies

Effective tax planning can significantly impact the growth of your wealth. As fee-only financial advisors, we devise strategies to minimize your tax liabilities, including timing of income and deductions, selecting tax-advantaged investments, and various estate planning strategies.

Using tax-favorable accounts and tax-loss harvesting techniques, we enable our clients to minimize tax burdens, improve after-tax returns, and optimize the long-term growth of their wealth.

For affluent individuals like you, tax-efficient investing is crucial to wealth management. Our seasoned financial experts will work with you to devise personalized strategies matching your timelines, risk capacity, and financial goals.

Incorporating tactics such as optimizing asset allocation, using tax-free municipal bonds, and employing donor-advised funds, we assist our clients in steering through the intricacies of the tax code to maximize their net returns. We coordinate with your tax professional throughout the year, not just at tax time, as we develop and implement your tax mitigation plans. Built into our process is a 37 point comprehensive review of your tax returns, often discovering opportunities to further enhance your tax strategies. Cogent manages your wealth with the highest care and expertise while helping you and your family pursue the financial future you have dreamed of.

Estate and Legacy Planning 

Given your success, we understand the importance of protecting your wealth and maintaining your legacy for future generations. Our team of experienced advisors, who bring decades of applicable experience, will develop custom estate and legacy plans that align with your expectations.

Looking at the future of your estate extends far beyond merely allocating your assets to heirs and nonprofits after you and your spouse are no longer here. Holistic estate planning facilitates seamless oversight of your affairs during your lifetime and preps your heirs for their forthcoming responsibilities.

Our comprehensive approach incorporates advanced tax optimization, asset protection, and philanthropic planning decisions, securing the long-term benefits of your wealth for your loved ones and the causes you believe in. Simultaneously, we offer guidance through the intricate process of wealth management, delivering a sense of tranquillity and a future that results in financial security late in life when you need it the most.

Retirement Planning

At Cogent Strategic Wealth, we recognize the need for bespoke financial services to cater to successful individuals like yourself. Our approach is grounded in creating enduring relationships with our clients, ensuring we deeply understand your unique financial goals. This allows us to devise a retirement strategy tailored to your needs and aspirations.

It’s a common misconception among financially secure individuals that a comfortable lifestyle today automatically evolves into a similar retirement lifestyle. This is not guaranteed when the paychecks stop, and you live off savings and Social Security. Many factors, including inflation rates and stock market volatility, are beyond your control. 

Legacy planning

We utilize our unique Design | Build | Protect Life on Your Terms strategic methodology to help you exploit market fluctuations while safeguarding your hard-earned wealth. 

Our team at Cogent Strategic Wealth combines expertise and an unwavering dedication to excellence, offering a trusted partnership in your quest for a comfortable, financially secure future.

Philanthropic Planning

As a successful individual, you may be well-acquainted with the joy of giving to your community and the causes you believe in. However, did you know this commendable action could provide you with more than the sensation you feel when you know you are helping others?

When you donate to an IRS-sanctioned charity or establish a donor-advised fund, you have the opportunity to reduce your tax obligations. This can be achieved by avoiding capital gain taxes and securing a charitable deduction that is also tax deductible.

In essence, your kindness supports those less fortunate and could positively impact your financial well-being with various benefits.

Remember, as a fiduciary fee-only financial advisor, we work solely for you without any incentives to promote specific products or strategies beyond what we believe is in your best interest. 
Our team at Cogent Strategic Wealth combines expertise and an unwavering dedication to excellence, offering a trusted partnership in your quest for a financially secure future. Connect with us to learn more about our fiduciary wealth advisory services.

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