As Kelly Stanley CFP® marks her 5 years with Cogent Strategic Wealth, she reflects on 2020 and how life changes in an instant. She loves guiding clients through life’s transitions and helping them live their best lives though all of life’s challenges. 

Hello, my name is Kelly Stanley. I am a Wealth Advisor with Cogent Strategic Wealth. I recently celebrated my five-year anniversary with Cogent, and I’m coming up on my 12-year anniversary as an advisor. 2020 has certainly been a year of reflection for me. If there’s one thing we learned this year, it’s that life can happen in an instant. So many people across our country have faced financial challenges since the beginning of this year, and it’s important to note that regardless of your wealth level, it’s so important to get your financial house in order so that you can withstand any challenges that may arise. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help our clients do just that.

In good times and in bad, we guide our clients through life’s transitions so that they can not only survive, but thrive regardless of what life throws their way. You have worked too hard to not be able to reach your financial goals. Stop worrying and schedule your 30-minute coaching conversation with one of our Wealth Advisors today.


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