Kelly Stanley, CFP® was such a good fit when she joined Cogent Strategic Wealth in 2015, it’s hard to remember what it was like without her. Fortunately, the feeling is mutual! We are delighted to announce that Kelly is now a partner and co-owner of Cogent, while continuing as a fiduciary wealth advisor to our clients. 

If you’ve met Kelly, you’re probably already aware of her passion for helping busy professionals simplify their complex financial lives. She especially enjoys advising fellow high-achieving women who struggle to fit financial planning into their already-demanding schedules. 

“I truly appreciate our team approach at Cogent, allowing each of us to contribute our unique abilities and life experiences,” says Kelly. “As a partner, I look forward to continued collaboration with Michael and the rest of the Cogent team, bringing new ideas and strategies to our clients for years to come.” 

In reflecting on Kelly’s new role, Michael has this to say: “I feel very lucky to have Kelly as a partner and friend. I’ve been amazed and inspired by her work, as well as the impact she’s had on our culture and our commitment to always doing what’s right for our clients.” 

Kelly Stanley, CFP MBA with Cogent

If you’d like to learn more about Kelly, visit our “Meet the Team” page, where you can get to know her (and meet her pup Rosie). You also can check out this post about Kelly’s own life/career balance, and this interview from her one-year anniversary as a Cogent advisor. 

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