Kelly Stanley marked her five-year anniversary as a wealth advisor with Cogent Strategic Wealth this past week. 

After years of working in corporate finance, Kelly wanted to make an impact in helping professionals, especially busy professional women like herself, take control of their financial future and live their best life. Leveraging her MBA in Financial Planning, Certified Financial Planner designation and years of advisory experience, Kelly joined Cogent in 2015 to work side-by-side with client families in structuring personalized strategies for eliminating financial risk, building durable wealth and achieving their most important goals. 

Kelly has been diligent in serving Cogent clients with a motto that we all can respect: Life happens, I want to be ready for it. As Kelly elaborates, “Life will always be busy, but with a reliable advisor who acts in your best interests while prioritizing your financial life, you’ll discover what’s possible for you and your family.”

Cogent team members are so grateful for Kelly in so many ways. Cogent’s founder Michael Evans reflects on Kelly’s many great qualities when he says, “It is Kelly’s genuine caring and loving heart which makes those of us around her feel that she is not just a great team member, but also a loyal friend.”

Join us in celebrating with Kelly this important milestone in her career as we applaud her professionalism, admire her dedication and value her friendship.

Congrats Kelly!


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