We spend a lot of time talking about equities. But bonds play an important part of our portfolios. Bonds actually play a lot of roles in investing. Marlena Lee, Global Head of Investment Solutions of Dimensional Funds Advisors, takes some time in this video to educate us on bonds. 

The yield of bonds is one component of your long-term returns and it is important to understand the part it plays in investing. The fixed income market overview segment breaks out various types of bonds and types of returns.  Marlena also addresses the question on whether there is any way to forecast what is going to happen with interest rates.

Recording Time Stamps

(04:02)     Bond returns, yields, and interest rates

(10:10)     Government bonds and recent performance

(13:37)     How have corporate bonds with different credit qualities perform?

(21:02)     Municipal bonds in the current environment

(27:22)     Who determines credit ratings for bonds?

(31:54)     Dimensional’s flexible trading process and its value add


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