The year in review for 2020 shows how an evidence-based investor captured returns the market offered, in spite of the volatility

Being invested in an evidence-based portfolio also requires responsibility. This responsibility is investment stewardship and the investments that managers at Cogent Strategic Wealth choose to use within clients’ portfolios are purposeful on this front.

Here’s a look inside how one of our managers, Dimensional Fund Advisers, accomplishes this task of responsibility for investors who choose evidence-based investing through Dimensional funds.


At the core of their beliefs, Dimensional advocates for stronger governance practices at the companies in which they invest on behalf of their clients because they believe it can improve returns for investors.

The Annual Stewardship Report highlights Dimensional’s efforts to protect and enhance shareholder value through investment stewardship activities over the prior proxy year, including outcomes and observations from engagement with portfolio companies, proxy voting, and industry participation and advocacy.

Read Dimensional Fund Advisors 2020 Stewardship Report Here


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