We are so lucky to have Liz on our team.  Not only is she an all-around great person and easy to get along with, but she is always going above and beyond in her role at Cogent.  She has her plate full of her own set of client servicing responsibilities but that didn’t stop her from offering up to help with other aspects of our business over these past few years.

A big part of Liz’s role is helping clients and Michael and Kelly to stay on top of high priority tasks that need to be completed.  When you have a busy professional & personal life, it’s easy to let things fall by the wayside but we know how crucial it is for our clients to follow through on important tasks.  Liz is our unofficial “Director of Accountability”, and she does it well!

Liz’s hard work and dedication to our Cogent clients has given us the opportunity to continue to grow our Cogent family without sacrificing service.  We are so grateful that the stars aligned and that she joined our team when she did.

Here is Liz’s take on her place at Cogent:

I’m excited that throughout the last (almost) three years, my role has greatly grown at Cogent. I have met more of our clients in person or through Zoom and have loved getting to know our Cogent families. Having that personal connection with our clients makes my job more meaningful and fun!

On a personal note, I am excited to do a little more traveling this year. I just booked a trip to Yosemite to run a half marathon. I’ll be spending a weekend in Alexandria exploring wineries. And I’m hoping to book an international trip (feel free to send suggestions!).