When it comes to financial service providers, good balance is hard to find. Hire a huge conglomerate, and you risk becoming just another row on a spreadsheet … a tempting target for their next big sales drive. Go with a tiny enterprise, and they may know you by name, but they often lack the resources, relationships and real-life experience to maximize your myriad wealth interests. 

Plus, neither business model is ideal for developing a deep “Personal CFO” relationship. At a larger firm (where employees are often explicitly forbidden from taking clients with them if they leave), you may end up being shuffled from one advisor to the next in a highly competitive environment. Select a small shop, and a principal player’s illness or injury could leave you one step away from having to start anew. 

As a member of Buckingham Strategic Partners, we’ve positioned Cogent Strategic Wealth to offer a “just right” balance between both models – large and small.

A Sold Community of Strategic Wealth Managers

Who is Buckingham Strategic Partners? We’re a nationwide community of more than 135 wealth management firms. Each member is fiercely independent, but we’re also uncommonly united in embracing a better way to help investors and their families realize their financial futures. Each of us believes in delivering clear, far-reaching, evidence-based advice in an environment in which every client is unique. Each of us strives to create a place where doing what’s best and doing what’s right should be one and the same. We were formally known as THE BAM ALLIANCE.                                 

In other words, together, we’re doing big things – one client at a time. 

Buckingham Strategic Partners manage more than $35.4 billion in aggregate assets under management or administration (as of March 31, 2019), for more than 22,000 investors across the U.S. As such, our membership strengthens the personalized client care we’re able to offer; it frees us to dedicate our time and energy to getting to know you and your family very well, while leveraging all the benefits of our extensive network of resources and alliances on your behalf. 

By collectively putting our clients’ interests first, we all can achieve more. The relationship serves as a wellspring for our breadth and depth of distinct services – such as our Cogent Conversation® (for getting to know you), our evidence-based investment strategy (for helping you connect your assets with your aspirations), and our Cogent Course of Action™ (for integrating your full range of wealth interests). It also provides a dependable source for contingency and succession planning, should our principals ever need additional support to ensure uninterrupted client care. 

Frankly, it’s hard to convey everything that makes Buckingham Strategic Partners so special in a single blog post. Why not schedule your own Cogent Conversation® with us, so we can explore how to bring our “just right” relationship to you and your financial well-being?

Don’t settle for too big or too small. The time is right for scheduling a FREE 30-minute phone call with us today.