As a busy, thriving professional, your life is going at a breakneck pace. At the same time, you want to build wealth for the future. How do you balance the two? Chances are, you just don’t have the time or energy to pour over all the information necessary to make wise investing decisions. Building wealth shouldn’t be so hard.

The good news is, you can build wealth and prepare for the future without forfeiting the time you need to build your business. How? 

Hire the right wealth advisor.

Work with an Advisor to Build Wealth

You’d hire a general contractor for their expertise in building a home, right? They know what it takes to order supplies, assemble the right team, file the paperwork, and get the job done. Without them, your dream home could turn into a money pit, with costly mistakes, missed opportunities, wasted effort, and pointless stress.

If you trust a professional to build a home, why wouldn’t you enlist a professional to build wealth?  Unfortunately, we see a lot of people hire a CPA to complete their tax returns, work with an insurance agent to protect them, and talk to an estate planning attorney for their wills and trusts. But when it comes to building wealth and investing, they try to do it themselves. And the results are disappointing.  

What a Financial Advisor Can Do

Just as a general contractor oversees the details of a well-built home, the advisors at Cogent Strategic Wealth can apply our experience and professional expertise to helping you build wealth. Here’s how we can help.

1.  Assess your situation. Before we recommend any actions, we take an inventory of your financial situation right now. Then, we listen to your hopes and dreams. You tell us what success looks like for you, and how you envision your financial future.

2.  Create a tailored plan. We don’t give you a cookie-cutter approach. Our team connects with your current service providers (such as CPAs or insurance providers) to checks for gaps or overlaps. We then define the steps involved to reach your financial and personal goals. 

3. Build and protect your wealth. With your detailed plan in place, we swing into action to help you take the necessary steps moving forward. This can include adjusting your investment portfolio, increasing your savings percentage, or even changing your will. 

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What a Financial Advisor Can’t Do

Even though our team can create the right plan for you, there’s one thing we can’t do: make the decision for you. Your financial future is in your hands, so you have to take the reins and get started. 

Our team would love sit down with you for a Cogent Conversation.® We’ll listen to what success looks like for you, build a plan tailored to your goals and needs, and partner with you every step of the way to help make your dream become reality. Call us today!

You don’t have to build your financial future alone.