As an attorney, you’ve probably been giving your all to your career, your clients, and your colleagues. 70-hour work weeks are the norm, as is routinely doing deep due diligence on the details large and small. To manage it all, you’ve learned to leverage expert advice and solid support for advancing your clients’ best interests.

Here at Cogent Strategic Wealth, we believe your personal financial plans deserve the same level of dedicated care you bring your clients every day. What does that look like?

As a strategic wealth advisor, we’re here to help you organize and advance your family’s wealth interests with solid advice, strategic alliances, and a fiduciary relationship. We’re here to set you on the right financial path, and keep you there through the decades ahead. We’re here to help you make best use of your precious time, at work and at home.

Are you ready to embark on the right financial path, with a proven process we call your Cogent Course of Action?LET’S TALK ABOUT IT