In a past piece, “Attorneys Aren’t Omnipotent,” we talked about how even super-hero attorneys can benefit from effective networking. That said, not just any old networking will do. You’ve probably walked out of plenty of events already, with no meaningful new connections. 

That’s no good. According to a Thomson Reuters 2017 State of US Small Law Firms Study Report, the most successful attorneys reported spending nearly 62% of their time directly practicing law. With all the other indirect duties in your busy day, that doesn’t leave you time to waste on events that aren’t of strategic importance. 

Thomson Reuters’ paper further suggests most small law firms are failing to address these top three challenges to being highly successful:

  1. Acquiring new client business 
  2. Spending less time on administrative chores 
  3. Keeping up with current technology and infrastructure 

Good news: Effective networking is one way to cover all three areas at once. But how do you identify the events that will actually address these most significant hurdles? 

We can’t speak to others, but here at Cogent Strategic Wealth, we’ve taken these challenges to heart. Our Strategic Networking for Attorneys events help lawyers just like you establish powerful connections and alliances on all three fronts. 

To maximize your time well spent, we bring together partners and associates from firms of all sizes – from solo practitioners to multi-partner offices. We connect you with professional colleagues, as well as strategic alliances dedicated helping your book of business grow. You get to meet most or all fellow attendees, with ready access to their contact information, should you wish to follow up with them later on.  

We’ve now held several Strategic Networking for Attorneys gatherings, and received encouraging feedback, such as: “Great roster of attorneys,” “Thank you for including me,” and “[I] made what I am sure will be some lasting connections.”

If you’d like to see for yourself how to make valuable new connections without having to hunt them down on your own, we hope you’ll join us for our next Strategic Networking for Attorneys event. Just shoot us an email at, and we will add you to our invitation list and send you registration information.