If you’re a thriving attorney, you may be the most powerful person on the planet when it comes to litigating or defending against malpractice suits, buttressing businesses, or establishing ironclad estate plans. But, still, you’re no super hero. You probably already know: It’s time and
teamwork that leads to personal and professional triumph.

This leads to a dilemma for many attorneys and their families: For your professional interests and your personal wealth, how do you build and maintain one of your greatest assets – your finely tuned team – in your “spare” time?

Step One: Do What You’re REALLY Good At.

In your personal life, if you enjoy an activity, you may do it yourself. But otherwise, you hire plumbers and auto mechanics. You buy your apparel already sewn, your favorite beverages already bottled. In other words, you do what comes naturally to a professional: You identify that which you do best and love the most, and seek out expert assistance for the rest.

Step Two: For Everything Else, There’s Networking.

Networking is about making new friends but keeping the old – all year round. A strong network means your dream team is already nearly in place whenever issues arise, positioning you to populate your team with the right people at the right times. When something is missing, you can quickly find the right “hero” by networking with your network, who has networks of its own. The reverse is also true. It’s unlikely your best clients found you by Googling “Chicago lawyer.” Odds are, someone in your network, personally recommended you as the right fit.

Step Three: Optimize Your Network-Building Powers.

Face-to-face networking can be time well-spent, but it’s still time away from doing what you’re REALLY good at. How do you identify the few opportunities that are truly energizing, and avoid the many others that are just a drag? The secret is to prioritize quality over quantity, targeting events that empower you with better ideas, stronger leads, and tighter teams.

In managing our clients’ total wealth interests, we take our own advice to heart. We know we can’t manage every aspect of a family’s financial well-being all by ourselves – and yet every aspect contributes to the greater whole. So, we network too.

Attorneys in particular face an abundance of distinct challenges related to creating durable wealth out of their action-packed careers. To better serve as your Personal CFO, we leverage our own extensive network of strategic alliances, carefully cultivated through the years for their experience with your specialized requirements.

That’s networking in a nutshell. We’d love to connect more closely with you. Let us know if we can tell you more.