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Your Personal CFO

When you work with a member of the Cogent Strategic Wealth team, you are working with your own personal Chief Financial Officer. Our job is to ensure you live the best life possible with the resources you have.

Here’s how we accomplish our mission:

Organization. We will help bring order to your financial life, by assisting you in getting your financial house in order.

Objectivity. When it comes to making important financial decisions, we will ensure you have the information you need to make smart decisions.  

Proactivity. Life happens and usually when you least expect it. We will help you take the necessary steps to prepare for life transitions.  

Education. Knowledge is power and we want to arm you with the necessary resources to facilitate your decisions and explain the options and risks associated with each choice.

Partnership. We attempt to help you achieve the best life possible and will work in concert with you, not just for you, to make this possible.

More specifically, you can expect us to:

  • Deliver a personal CFO level of care, management and oversight
  • Build situation-specific financial plans based on your essential, important and aspirational goals
  • Construct and nurture sophisticated evidenced-based investment portfolios
  • Collaborate with dynamic teams of expert professionals to address all areas of your financial life

Wealth Management
At Cogent Strategic Wealth, we offer a fresh approach to wealth management by combining every part of your financial life into one simplistic view. By understanding you, your investments, your relationships, and your overall needs the Cogent team is able to plan your finances to achieve your goals.

Investment Management
A lifetime of experience will tell you that much of investing is beyond our control. How can you forecast for an almost unknowable future? Our investment management is, above all else, grounded. We base our investment philosophy on peer-reviewed academic research.

Advanced Planning
Whether in your youth or in your maturity, the lines that separate career aspirations, charitable giving, family time, and social and leisure activities can easily blur or disappear. That’s why it’s imperative to identify and pursue sensible goals for all aspects of our life. It then takes constant vigilance to ensure those goals come to fruition.

With our network of specialized professionals, we address your unique situation and simplify your complex financial needs.