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Our Process

Simplifying Your Financial Life

Our team’s goal is to work with you, FOR you. Our goal is to partner with to you prioritize, organize and address your most pressing concerns for now and the future. With our guidance, you will soon be taking deliberate action to achieve your financial goals, not only with your investments but also across the entirety of your financial well-being.

The key to our relationship with you and your family is a well-defined process, focused on discipline and accountability. That is why we’ve developed the Cogent Course of Action™. This proven process is built to connect your available assets with your highest aspirations. At Cogent, we know that what matters most to our clients isn’t dollars and cents - it’s independence. The Cogent Course of Action™ is made to help you achieve it with confidence.

Our process will focus on the following areas:

  • Preserving lifetime wealth through smart decision-making
  • Minimizing income and estate taxes
  • Protecting earnings, and guarding against unjust drains on your wealth
  • Preserving your legacy, and securing a transfer of wealth consistent with your intentions
  • Encouraging meaningful charitable giving for the philanthropically-minded

When you meet with one of our advisors, our process will be entirely transparent. We will get you on the road to financial success in five steps:

1 .Cogent Conversation
More than just a financial picture, the Discovery Meeting also addresses your critical values, your relationships, and your lifelong dreams. This creates a profile that  becomes a touchstone for our actions going forward.

2. Cogent Course of Action™
We will use the information gathered during our initial Cogent Conversations to develop a detailed diagnosis of your current financial circumstances. This will be accompanied by an overview of how we plan to structure your wealth going forward.

3. Implementation
Once we have a plan, we need to implement it.  Part of this process will include a personalized Investment Policy Statement - a living document, that aligns your investment portfolio to your goals..

4. Advanced Planning
Wealth management, advanced planning and investment strategy shouldn’t be isolated, one-time events. They are a combined effort, and continuously shape our Cogent Course of Action™. We consistently prioritize, refine and take deliberate action, across every aspect of your financial well-being.

5. Ongoing Support
Our relationship with you is just that - a relationship. We meet with you regularly to learn what has transpired in your life since we last spoke and to update you on the progress you’re making towards your goals. We provide objectivity and insight to help you avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters. We continually refine your Cogent Course of Action™ according to your changing life.

We are confident our Cogent Course of Action will take you from complexity to profound simplicity in your financial life. If after six months of partnering with us you review our relationship and do not agree, you will receive a full refund of our management fees if you are not completely satisfied with the progress we have made together. That’s our Cogent guarantee to you.