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Design. Build. Protect.

These three simple words serve as a guide for how we keep your values, needs, concerns and hopes at the forefront of everything we do — from the big picture to the smallest of details.

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How It Works


Together, we explore, understand and clarify your life and financial goals.


Extensively researching and applying evidence-based strategies, we put all the wheels of your holistic financial plan in motion.


Through continual analysis, advice and education — we help you stay on track.

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Tailored Financial Planning

Life isn't linear: Your plan shouldn't be either.

At Cogent Strategic Wealth, we believe that you deserve a plan that is customized to your specific goals, values, and needs. We don’t do cookie-cutter approaches here. Success is defined differently by each person, so why shouldn’t your financial plan be customized as well?

Our team of financial advisors start by listening to you and what you are wanting to accomplish. Next, we look for the right plans and strategies that will help you accomplish your goals.

Together, we can help you reach your financial goals.

Evidence-Based Investment Management

Envision a financial future filled with less guesswork and more science.

Your financial future is too important to be left to chance. By utilizing an Evidence-Based Investment approach, the team at Cogent Strategic Wealth is about implementing the great ideas in finance for our clients, not speculation. 

Your portfolio is no doubt an important driver of your overall financial plan. In response, we start and end with evidence. Our approach is guided by more than 60 years of objective, peer-reviewed research on how markets work.

The strategies in your investment plan are risk-optimized, cost-effective and tax-efficient to enhance your odds of living the life you've imagined.

The Cogent Difference

Independent Fiduciary

This means that we are on your side and being an independent advisor, we can make decisions that work for you, not mandated by a large corporation. We take our fiduciary duty seriously.

Proactive Approach

Your financial future is too important to merely react to unexpected events in your life. We look ahead and take proactive steps to help you be prepared for anything.

We Inspire and Elevate

You define success and we help you achieve it. We act as a partner for planning your life's transitions or support for unexpected events. We are not just a financial coach. 

Discover more of what makes Cogent a Trusted Advisor

Take control of your financial future.

You shouldn’t have to work through your financial plan alone. The market is unpredictable and the financial options available to you are endless. Don’t leave your financial future to chance. You need someone that not only understands you and your needs, but can also help you simplify your financial life.

Schedule a consultation today and let the team at Cogent Strategic Wealth work with you to create a plan to help you achieve your financial goals.

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