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Helping professional traders make the most of their hard- earned wealth.

An investment and wealth management approach that understands you’ve got big goals to meet.

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Don’t settle for an advisor that doesn’t get you.

Most people will settle for standard financial advice. But if you’re a high-achieving professional, that can leave you frustrated and unsure if you trusted the right people with your finances. As a professional trader, you understand the market moves up and down and you need a financial advisor that knows the high-stress and fast-paced world you live in. Let’s face it- there’s nothing standard about you. You’ve got big goals to meet and you need to know someone has your back.

As a successful entrepreneur and trader, Michael recognized the mindset and motivation needed to accumulate wealth was (and is) much different from the one necessary to preserve it. This is a lesson he saw many other professionals and entrepreneurs fail to learn, which is why Michael started Cogent Strategic Wealth.

The Cogent Strategic Wealth team knows you’ve worked hard to build your wealth, and now you need to protect it and continue to grow it. Your financial security is important and the Cogent team is here with you to take deliberate action to achieve your financial goals, not only with your investments but also across the entirety of your financial well-being.

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A Resource for Investors

7 Reasons why you need an Evidence-Based Strategy to achieve your financial goals.

The market is unpredictable, however, there is a mountain of data and proven practices when it comes to investing. Download this FREE PDF to see why an Evidence-Based Strategy will help bring you peace of mind when it comes to your financial future.

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The right plan for professional traders.

Step 1

Schedule a 30-Minute
Discovery Phone Call

Talk with one of our advisors so we can hear what success looks like for you, what your current financial plans are, and determine next steps..

Step 2

Determine The Right Steps
for Your Goals

Meet with our team either virtually or in our Chicago office to go over the options that are right for you, your goals, your values and your investment style.

Step 3

Work a Financial Plan
Tailored Specifically For You

Confidently follow a plan that moves you towards your financial goals. Our team is there with you every step of the way to offer advice, planning, and investment management services.

Take the first step today.
Schedule a 30-Minute Discovery Phone Call.

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Your financial future shouldn’t be left to chance.

Successful professional traders learn from their experiences, and so do we. Financial security is important to you, so it is important to us. We can’t predict the market, but we can work with you to create a financial plan that you can feel confident and secure in. Don’t leave your financial future to chance, trust a team of professionals who understands you and your goals.

The Cogent Strategic Wealth team is ready to work with you, side-by-side to help build a custom plan to secure your financial future. 

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