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What is the Essence of Being a Fiduciary Advisor?

The very first question and most significant for you to ask when searching for a potential advisor, (see our recent  post on 15 questions), is: are you a fiduciary? Since you have a choice with whom you choose to work with, it is critical to know if the advisor is officially and legally working in your best interest at all times. Are they forthright about their fiduciary relationship with you? If they are not talking about it, chances are they don’t want you talking about it either.

Look For a Fiduciary Advisor in Chicago and Beyond

So what does it actually mean to you – the client – who is making major life decisions with advice given by someone who is a fiduciary? Our colleague, Tim Maurer, Director of Personal Finance with The BAM Alliance, gets to the essence of the firm that has a passion for keeping clients front and center. They are someone who knows their way around the market, but who can see past the spreadsheets to understand your dreams and goals.

Take a look at the video featuring Tim that showcases our calling as The Cogent Advisor for successful professionals, their families and their personal wealth.

Tim Mauer and The Cogent Advisor from The Cogent Advisor on Vimeo.