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Build Financial Confidence and Focus on What You Love

How do you maintain financial confidence, especially when your investment strategy is being put to the test by challenging markets? A great place to begin is by viewing this video featuring Manisha Thakor, BAM ALLIANCE’s Director of Wealth Strategies for Women.

You Want an Advisor That is Interested in Investing in You from The Cogent Advisor on Vimeo.

Her job title may be about women, but we think Manisha’s advice hits the spot no matter who you are. Consider her insights about what she describes as the true definition of wealth management: “I used to think that my money was this commodity. It felt really disassociated from my life. But what I learned, was that that money – it’s a tool to help me enjoy my life today. To help the people I care about, to help the causes I care about, to make a difference in the world, to make a difference for myself and my family. When you feel like you have that level of clarity and understanding, then you can let go, and you can focus on the other things in life that really bring you joy.”